The World’s First Self-Cleaning Yoga Mat Is Here Eliminating

Every yogi knows that the most dreaded part of class isn't headstands or *actually* staying still during Savasana, it's cleaning your mat. A 50/50 mix of water and vinegar? Peppermint wipes? Tree tree oil? No matter what you clean with—or how you clean—mats never seem to lose that grime or that less-than-lovely aroma, especially if you've been sweating your way through a kickass heated class.

Fortunately, there's hope. Blank Yoga, a new yoga mat company, is set to launch the world's first self-cleaning mat on Kickstarter tomorrow. It's made with antimicrobial silver salts (used in athletic clothing), which bond to negative ions produced by your body's bacteria, keeping them from reproducing. When added to the rubber in the mat, the product becomes 99.9 percent antimicrobial, the company says, making the mats permanently resistant to bacteria, germs, and odor.

Blank Yoga says the antibacterial feature is a permanent treatment, too—meaning it lasts as long as the mat lasts (which, depending how often you use it, can range anywhere from one to seven years). And thanks to said self-cleaning properties, the company says you can kiss your post-class cleaning routine goodbye (though a single wipe down with a damp cloth certainly wouldn't hurt). Considering yoga mats can be a hotbed for bacteria and fungi, it's a tempting feature for germaphobes and regular yogis alike.

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Interested? The Kickstarter (which is hoping to raise $10,000) kicks off tomorrow at 10 a.m. If it meets its fundraising goal (fingers crossed!), a self-cleaning extra-large mat (71 inches by 26 inches) will cost you $89.95 and a regular-size one (68 inches by 24 inches) will be $74.95. But hey, tea tree oil and peppermint wipes add up, too, right?!

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